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Working with Us

Please note: Lekita works with clients all over the world via zoom/ energetically or face-to-face at her clinics in Buckinghamshire and London.

Lekita works:

  • Monday in Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire.

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

  • Thursday in Cockfosters, London. 

Beauty Consultant

Some of the Tools and Naturopathic Approaches We Use:

  • Nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes and supplementation

  • Bach flower remedies, herbal medicine, TCM, essential oils, far-infrared saunas, homeopathic remedies, tissue salts

  • Kinesiology (muscle testing)

  • Sound healing (crystal singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks etc)

  • Laboratory and functional testing

  • Rife machines- frequency healing

  • Biomagnetism- magnet healing
  • Bioenergetics and reiki- energy healing
  • Emotional coaching, DNRS and emotional release work

  • German new medicine

  • Health coaching

  • Law of attraction mindset work and coaching

Herbal Oils
Massage Table


As a naturopath who works with functional medicine, Lekita aims to identify the causative factors mediating clients symptoms. Lekita focuses on the body holistically; all systems work together and if one or more system is out of balance, this may manifest elsewhere and create energetic blockages.


Clients have individual constitutions and causative factors of ill health, therefore, Lekita provides a personalised approach that is bespoke to each person.


Differing from a regular naturopath, Lekita uses tools such as naturopathic principles, nutrition, herbal medicine, Bach flowers, stress management, energetic balancing, lifestyle adjustments, frequency healing, magnet healing, coaching (etc) to enhance healing and provide significant results.


Holistic Healing works in collaboration with Skyn Cosmetics and Alternative Balance to provide excellent service and enhanced healing.

To get in contact with Skyn Cosmetics for Vitamin B12 injections please visit: or email

To get in contact with Alternative Balance to organise yoga classes and retreats please visit: or email

Lekita is aslo a member of the seed wellness group, an established company based in Buckinghamshire, UK offering over 50 different holistic therapies.

Client Agreements

Please note, Lekita only works with individuals who are committed to achieving health. Healing is a process that requires determination, time and effort, therefore do consider this before investing your time and money :) Lekita loves helping others heal, but it is disheartening having clients who do not implement any suggestions!

Lekita works with clients worldwide via zoom and face-to-face at her clinic in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK.


Here at Holistic Healing, client wellbeing is our main priority, therefore, we like to dedicate all of our time to working with clients and creating helpful protocols. Emails to Holistic Healing are more than encouraged and we love to hear client progress and updates, however, please do keep in mind we have a lot on our hands and cannot answer daily questions and updates. If you have many questions, please compile them into 1 email and send!

Online Conference

Conditions We Support 

  • A - Acne and skin complaints, ADHD, adrenal fatigue, Alzheimers, autoimmunity, anaemia, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, asthma, autism

  • C - Cancer, cardiovascular conditions, candidiasis, cholesterol and blood pressure imbalance, chronic fatigue/ME, chronic inflammation, chronic stress, chronic tonsilitus, coeliac disease, cystic fibrosis, cysts, cystitis

  • D - Dental infections, dermatitis, diabetes/blood sugar imbalance, dissociative disorders

  • E - Eczema, endometriosis, environmental illness, erectile dysfunction

  • F - Fibroids, fibromyalgia, food intolerances, frequent colds and illnesses, fungal nail infections/ringworm

  • G - Gallstones, GORD, gut pathology

  • H - Haemorrhoids, hayfever and allergies, headaches and migraines, heart conditions, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism

  • I - IBS, IBD, impetigo, infections (parasitic, viral, bacterial etc), infertility, insomnia

  • K - Kidney dysfunction/disease, kidney stones

  • L - Low libido, liver dysfunction/disease, long covid, lupus, Lyme disease and co-infections, lymph node swelling

  • M - Mast cell activation (MCAS), meningitis, menopause/peri-menopause, mould toxicity, multiple sclerosis

  • N - NAFLD, neurological disease/damage

  • O - Obesity, osteoporosis

  • P - Parkinsons, PCOS, pelvic inflammatory disease, persistent thrush and UTI'S, PMS, post infectious malaise, POTS, pregnancy/post partum, PTSD, pulmonary fibrosis

  • R - Raynauds, restless leg syndrome, rosacea

  • S - Sinusitis, sleep apnoea, stomach ulcers

  • T - Tinea versicolour, tinnitus

  • V - Vaccine injury, vertigo, vitamin and mineral deficiencies

  • W - Warts, weight management

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