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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Does Lekita Only See People In Person?

No, other than in person sessions: food intolerance testing, live rife frequency healing, reiki, sound healing, biomagnetism and nutritional/ naturopathic sessions with biomagnetism/frequency healing involved, Lekita takes consultations online via zoom.

What Are The In Person Conditions?

Please note, CCTV will be in operation throughout the premises.

Prior to in person sessions, any equipment that is being used will be thoroughly sanitised and work bed blankets will be changed. Windows in our clinic space are always kept ajar for ventilation purposes, but the heating will be on during cold months so don't worry! 

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or tropical illness please reschedule your appointment immediately.

If any severe symptoms (such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, profuse bleeding etc) arise on the day of our appointment, please schedule an appointment with your doctor or go to A&E- this should always be your first point of call! We can reschedule our appointment for another time.

Once you have booked your appointment in, an email containing the "rules of engagement" form, "what to bring" form and any additional advice will be sent.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

For cancellations and rescheduling appointments, please do inform us 48 hours before appointment start time. Failure to do so prevents deposit refund/reuse and a new deposit must be payed to book a new appointment. Please note there is a £30 deposit taken with every consultation booking. If a cancellation or request for rescheduling occurs more than 48 hours prior to the appointment, this deposit will be applicable to the next booked appointment. If cancellation or rescheduling occurs within 48 hours, the deposit will be non-refundable and non-applicable to future bookings.

There Are So Many Treatment Options Available and I Feel Overwhelmed. Which Session Should I Go For?

This depends on the condition/s you would like to treat and your individual preferences.

  • If you want to focus solely on nutrition and changing your diet, then our nutritional therapy sessions are best suited for you.

  • If you would like help with nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplementation, herbal medicine, mindset work etc then our naturopathy sessions are best suited for you.

  • If you would solely like to focus on healing with herbal medicine, then our herbal medicine consultations are best suited for you.

  • If you need help finding the motivation to change your life and are not quite ready for big nutritional changes, then our health coaching sessions are for you.

  • If you do not wish to change anything about your lifestyle and would prefer in person treatment, then our biomagnetism, reiki, rife frequency healing and sound healing sessions are best suited for you.

  • If you are suffering with physical symptoms and disease such as Lyme disease, autoimmunity, cancer, eczema, gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, fatigue etc then our biomagnetism and frequency healing sessions are best suited for you. If you also wish to change your diet and lifestyle factors to increase healing time, you can combine naturopathy + nutritional therapy with these in person treatments.

  • If you are suffering with mental health challenges, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, fear etc then our reiki / reiki + crystal + frequency healing / reiki + trauma release / reiki infused sound healing sessions are most appropriate for you.

  • If you need help changing your mindset and/or manifesting your greatest desires then our law of attraction coaching sessions are for you.

  • If your pet needs help with emotional and physical challenges, then our healing for pets sessions are for you.

  • If you cannot travel to see us but still would like treatment then our distance healing sessions are for you.

  • If you suffer with fatigue, headaches and/or gastrointestinal symptoms and cannot pin point the problem, our food intolerance testing is for you! 

  • If you own a Spooky2 machine and need help getting started with the hardware set-up and software usage then our Spooky2 coaching sessions are best suited for you.

How Do I Order Functional Tests And Receive Results? Do I Need To Organise An Appointment? What Test Do I Go For?

Simply click 'Shop' on our menu and select the test you would like to order. Each test explains what they are used for and what markers they test, so you can decide which test is best for you. If you are struggling with which test to order, please email us for guidance. Once you have completed the test and sent it off to the lab, Lekita will call you with your results. If you have limited availability, do email Lekita with the best times to call you, otherwise Lekita will call as and when. During this phone call, symptoms and medical history may be discussed so that Lekita can help guide you and give suggestions for what to do next. You will not be able to receive your results without this phone call.

How Will I Know When My Remote Session Has Started?

Text messages or emails will always be sent letting you know when sessions are about to/have started. Additionally, we will let you know once your session has finished. If you prefer to have a call and stay on zoom during remote sessions that is also fine.

Can I Email Holistic Healing With Questions Whenever I Need?

We love to hear how clients are getting on and questions are always welcomed, however, please respect our time and energy. Most of our energy goes into appointments and helping people, therefore, we have minimal time to answer extensive amounts of question emails per day! If many questions arise after appointments, please do compile a list of questions and send the email once you feel completely ready to do so. 

Also, we love to hear how clients are getting on but please do not bombard us with pictures of your dinners and food shops- it's lovely to see client motivation, but we do not have time to answer these!

Do I Have To Be Present During My Childs Consultation?

Yes, if your child is under 18 please attend consultations and zoom meetings with your child. Anyone over 18 is free to attend on their own.

How Does Reiki Distance Healing Work?

Reiki distance healing is the transfer of energy from a practitioner to recipient. This transfer of energy can happen no matter how far apart they are in the world and physical presence can be felt at large distances. Everything is done with INTENTION- the practitioner visualises their client and sets the intention to heal ailments and unblock stuck energy using the power of reiki. The practitioner may use pillows or beds as a guide for their hands or they may perform it on themselves envisioning their clients- either way the reiki is just as effective as if the client was present, as long as client intention is present. Thought is energy, and so when we focus our intention on healing of the client, we are sending that energy out to the person or situation- many of us do this without knowing when a loved one is in hospital etc!

How Does Rife Frequency Healing Work Remotely?

There is a phenomenon in physics called quantum entanglement which was referred to as "Spooky action at a distance" by Einstein! Remote healing works using the simple laws of quantum physics and the antenna properties of DNA to transmit what physicists call nonlocal space. To put it very simply that is- taking a piece of DNA, splitting it in 2, placing these pieces of DNA far apart from each other and experiencing the same benefits even if only 1 piece of the 2 strands has been treated. The 2 particles act as though they are still connected to each other and exhibit identical responses at the exact same time, no matter how far apart!

Do Rife Frequency Remote Healing, Distance Reiki and Bioenergetics Work As Well As In Person Sessions?

100% yes. 

Can I Pay In Person Or Do I Have To Pay Online?

A £30 deposit is required when booking consultations online. This deposit will contribute to the overall price of your session and will be taken off your total. If your session is in person, you can pay on the day via cash or card. If your session is remote, you must pay via bank transfer or paypal on the day of your appointment or beforehand. If an invoice is required this will be sent upon request.

How Long Do Sessions Take?

This depends on what session you are coming for and your individual case. Please refer to the services page and read more about individual service timings.

I Cannot Attend An Event/Webinar But Still Want To Watch, Will The Sessions Be Recorded?

Yes, all webinars are recorded. Free webinars will be sent to users who have signed up to watch and placed onto our youtube channel. Unfortunately, webinars cannot be recorded. If you have paid for a ticket but realise within 72 hours of the event that you cannot attend, a full refund will be given.

When Remote Distance Healing Is Performed, Do I Need To Be In A Quiet Room and Relaxed?

No, you do not need to be in a quiet room or relaxed. You can be at work, eating food, sleeping or exercising- it does not matter. Most clients prefer to sit quietly and meditate so they can tune in, but this is optional!

Is Reiki Safe?

Yes, the beauty of reiki is that there are currently no known contraindications.

Is Rife Frequency Healing Safe?

Yes, depending on a couple of conditions- of which we will need to discuss prior to treatment. Pregnant women are not advised to use rife machines as there is a lack of research indicating any possible effects on the foetus. Aditonally, those with pacemakers must be careful. That being said, the frequency of Rife machines is even lower than that of waves emitted by cell phones. With the development of technology, there are more and more electronic devices in our daily life. The low-frequency radiation produced by these electronic devices negatively affects human beings. However, people don’t need to worry about Rife machines doing any harm to the human body.

Are Biomagnetism And Bioenergetics Safe?

Yes, there are currently no known contraindications, only lists of benefits!

How Many Sessions Will I Require?

This depends on the type of treatment and individual cases. Some individuals only need 2-3 sessions to feel better, whereas, other individuals are with us for years and years. It is unique.

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