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Healing For Pets

Does your pet suffer from anxiety, depression, ill health or PTSD from trauma? Does your pet have mystery conditions that the medical community cannot help? Did your pets symptoms start after a traumatic experience? Then this consultation is for you! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better life for your furry friend.   

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How Does Lekita Help Our Furry Friends?

Healing for pets focuses on energetic healing mechanisms, release of trapped emotions and bringing homeostasis and balance to pets. Our lovable pets are similar to us in many ways, they can sense, show and react to us and other animals on an emotional level. They love their owners, understand and communicate with us. Pets have physical needs and rely on owners for many things. However, unlike humans, pets do not make judgements or have an ego. Animals experience emotions just like us and energetic healing helps them just as it does humans.

Animals trapped emotions can manifest as many different health conditions including anxiety, meningitis, arthritis, depression, colic etc. In theory, once these trapped emotions are dealt with, pet health can be restored. In addition to dealing with trapped emotions using bioenergetic principles, Lekita incorporates biomagnetism principles, that is, restoring animals pH balance, vital force/energy flow and homeostasis.

Lekita has worked with many animals, seeing fantastic results and behaviour change. Sessions are especially helpful for rescue animals and those with previous owner trauma.

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Animal Kingdom

What Animals Are Appropriate for These Sessions?

Dogs, cats, sheep, cows, horses, lizards, hamsters, fish, guinea pigs... literally any pet!


  • Reduced aggression

  • Improvement of ill health

  • Improved energy and vitality

  • Decreased anxiety, depression and PTSD

  • Reduction of shyness and timid behaviour

Two French Bulldogs

What to Expect During Sessions?

Sessions last approximately 1 hour and cost £50 per session. If your session is in person, you will arrive to our clinic with your pet. You will have a brief discussion with Lekita about your pets symptoms, needs and what you would like to achieve from sessions. After this, Lekita will scan your pets for trapped emotions and physical blockages using kinesiology techniques. Lekita then either uses magnets or bioenergetics to release these emotions and physical blockages to restore your pets health. 

Online sessions have a similar process, however Lekita will not incorporate magnet use and instead focuses on energetic release of emotions and physical blockages.

Post session, please make sure your pet drinks plenty of water to flush out any toxins stirred up during sessions. Your pet may be extra tired post appointments, this is completely normal and will pass soon after.

Are These Sessions Online or In Person?

These sessions may be in person or online via zoom depending on the animal at present e.g dogs who are well behaved are easier to work with in person than a large horse who kicks. That being said, Lekita does travel to houses to treat animals (nearby), but this costs more to cover travel and time.

Online sessions are just as effective as in person sessions, so do not worry!

Is There a Set Number of Sessions my Pet Should Have?

Each pet is individual and has individual needs/different levels of pathology, therefore, there is no set number of sessions a pet must have. Some pets need 10 sessions+, some need 1, it is completely unique! The waiting time between sessions is also unique and will be determined after each session.

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