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About Lekita

Lekita has recently graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, earning her DIP in Naturopathy and Naturopathic Nutrition and is currently working on earning her post-graduate DIP in herbal medicine. Alongside this, Lekita practises iridology, kinesiology, reiki, biomagnetism, bioenergetics, sound healing and bio-resonance.

Lekita is also a member of the seed wellness group, an established company based in Buckinghamshire, UK offering over 50 different holistic therapies. 

Lekita uses a functional medicine approach, addressing the root cause of health concerns, rather than symptom suppressing. Lekita works with patients with a wide range of health concerns such as eczema, PMS, PCOS, IBS, Hashimotos, weight gain, migraines, depression, Lyme disease, environmental illness etc.


What makes me different?

I use a different approach to healing by understanding the importance of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. I understand that each patient is different and tailor my approach to each individual needs. I guide my clients to become their own best healers.

I work on treating the root cause of problems, rather than treating symptoms. Using this approach, I facilitate healing, balance and wellbeing. Keep reading to find out more on my story and what lead me to holistic healing.

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  • Naturopath (ND)- The College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Naturopathic Nutritionist (DIP NT)- The College of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Biomagnetism Level 1- Goiz Institute     


  • Bioenergetics Level 2- Goiz Institute 

  • Reiki Level 1- White Aura Holistic Healing Academy

  • Reiki Level 2- White Aura Holistic Healing Academy

  • Spooky2 Rife Machine Trainer- Spooky2 Academy


  • Law of Attraction/Life/Health Coach- I Am Creator Academy  


  • Sound Healing Level 1- The Sound Healing Academy  

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  • Gastrointestinal Health

  • Environmental Illness

  • Lyme Disease (+Co-infections)

  • Autoimmunity

  • Hormonal Health

  • Chronic Illness

  • Post Infectious Malaise

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Infections (SIBO, Parasites etc)

  • Liver, Kidney + Adrenal Health     

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                                            My Story                                  

For those that prefer reading, carry on past this video to read my story. For those that are visual learners please watch my story here:

On June 2018 (aged 19) my life changed forever. 1 minute I was healthy and at university doing what I love everyday (dancing, performing etc), the next I was bed bound and unable to function. Summer 2018 I took a trip to Greece with my family and on the 3rd night of holiday I had what I thought was food poisoning. I had diarrhoea, night sweats, shakes and was vomiting all night. It took 2 days for the presumed food poisoning to subside and I thought it was all over. However, gradually symptoms started creeping into my life. On the 5th day of holiday I had my first ever anxiety attack in the middle of the night. I was dizzy, shaking, sweating and short of breath. Convinced something was wrong, I went to the hospital (my first trip of MANY). The doctors told me it was just an anxiety attack and sent me on my way (I have never suffered with anxiety before so this was strange). The following day was time to go home, which has a huge relief as I was having anxiety attacks nearly every day and craved the comfort of my home.


When home, additional symptoms that I have never experienced before started to gradually appear. It started with acid reflux, hair loss, stomach pain and intense anxiety. My anxiety and fear drove me to booking daily doctors appointments and I was prescribed antacids, anxiolytics and IBS medication. Weeks had passed since being prescribed these medications and things had gotten worse, so I decided to return to the doctors. I was prescribed new medication and sent on my way. My anxiety got so bad I was convinced my heart was going to stop and I found myself checking my pulse 24/7; it quite literally took over my life and destroyed my happiness. I spent each day of my summer holidays crying, shaking, sweating, scared, in pain, checking my pulse and at the doctors. As someone who has always been very social, I tried to continue going out and seeing my friends, but it only ever ended in me sneaking off and calling my mum in floods of tears, scared my heart was failing, and begging her to pick me up.

As time went on, more symptoms slowly crept in: the feeling my tongue/mouth was burning 24/7, thick white/brown coating on my swollen tongue, skipped heart beats (heart arrhythmia), shortness of breath/air hunger, nausea, eczema flares, swollen lymph nodes, vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches etc. Confused and fearful I returned to my doctor who reassured me it was just anxiety and gave me a referral for an anxiety counsellor and gastrointestinal (GI) specialist. Although I began attending regular sessions with my GI specialist and counsellor, more symptoms kept appearing and my pain grew deeper. Body weakness, muscle cramps, joint pain, low energy, chronic fatigue, constant drunk yet hungover feeling, mood swings, eye floaters, tinnitus and de-realisation (not feeling real- as though you are watching yourself from outside your body 24/7) where the next symptoms to appear. I continued seeing my doctor nearly every day demanding answers as I knew something more sinister was going on (trust your gut!). My blood results revealed stage 1 kidney failure, hypothyroidism, high eosinophil, platelet, uric acid, albumin, RBC, cholesterol, creatinine and CK counts, yet doctors still tried to tell me it was just anxiety. For 'peace of mind' I was referred to hypnotherapists, renal specialists, ear nose and throat specialists, gastrointestinal specialists, endocrine specialists, infectious disease specialists, lung specialists, cardiovascular specialists, lymphatic specialists and urinary specialists, only to have no answer or relief..I was EXHAUSTED and losing faith.


(Picture 1: Very painful eczema breakouts

Picture 2: A clump of hair that had fallen out just from running my hands through my hair!)

Picture 3: The beginning of my white coated thrushy tongue which soon after turned brown/yellow.

Picture 4: Lymph node swelling that soon spread all over my body).


Night times seemed to be worse than the day. My new found insomnia and anxiety prevented me from falling asleep and my sleep apnoea woke me up 50-100x per night gasping for air. During this period of time, I had far too many 3/4am hospital trips, where I would wait around for hours only to be diagnosed with anxiety and dismissed. One night I found myself in hospital at 2am with gastritis, coffee looking vomit, an extreme fever and dizziness. The doctors shouted at me for being unresponsive and told me to "Grow up"; I was left in the hospital hallway on my own for hours scared and in pain. Due to this horrific experience I began fearing the doctors and hospitals, but I didn't know what was worse- not having any answers and being sick forever or being shouted at and told it's just anxiety?

As the weeks went by, more symptoms started appearing: extreme upper and lower abdominal bloating making it very difficult to breathe, weight loss, rashes, twitching/ muscle spasms that lasted hours and extreme anger. I went to see a new doctor every day in hope that one of them had answers, only to be told the twitching was because i was tired, and the rest was due to anxiety and stress.


(Picture 1: When i began losing a lot of weight at the beginning of my illness- I was literally skin and bone which is weird for me as I a usually curvy!

Picture 2: My stomach pre-illness

Picture 3: My bloated stomach during illness when it was so bad I struggled to breathe properly and sit down).


September 2018 I entered my second year of university hoping that this phase would come to an end and things would go back to normal. However, this wasn't the case and things got significantly worse. On my first day of 2nd year, I woke up feeling like I had drunk 30 vodka and tonics hours before (although i hadn't drunk alcohol for weeks). I felt weak, anxious, nauseous, bloated, gassy, fatigued and had serious joint/muscle pain (along with all my other aquired symptoms). I was too scared to tell anyone how I was feeling due to fear of no one believing me (just as the doctors had not) and so attempted to carry on as normal. However, carrying on as normal at a performing arts university wasn't easy and I frequently began missing more lectures and classes due to malaise and doctors appointments. Whilst dealing with the pressure of second year, I was also facing judgement from teachers and classmates who thought I was bunking, and struggling to bond with my new classmates due to lack of energy and frequent off-days- that was a very lonely position to be in!

Extreme anger and irritation was the next symptom to take over me, forcing me to scream and shout and lose my temper frequently (my poor boyfriend!). Alongside, my joint pain increasing, anxiety, eczema, acne and new found sharp stabbing pains made it extremely difficult to socialise and once again I found myself checking my pulse 24/7 and sneaking off on nights out calling my mum in floods of tears. University became extremely tiresome and that fun, social girl I once was had gone out the window.


(Begining of my acne!)

(More skin breakouts- unusual for me as I usually have clear skin)

(Bizarre rashes that began appearing all over my body)

Next came hypoxia, extreme shortness of breath, oedema (swelling), body numbness, migraines, eye sensitivity (I had to wear sunglasses most places and could not drive at night due to the bright lights from cars), ear sensitivity (loud sounds physically pained me), emitting an awful odour, sweats/chills, sinus pressure, temporary paralysis, weight gain and intense brain fog. These symptoms made it impossible to remember any of my work and dance routines and I was once again accused of not working hard enough. Unhelpful to my case, I didn't look ill. Sure I had acne, purple eye bags, eczema, pale complexion, bloating and weight gain, but aside from this I looked normal (especially with make-up!). The amount of times people told me "I had no idea you weren't feeling well, you look great!" was extremely demoralising.

(Picture 1: bad picture but- the hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in my body turned my nails purple, as well as my tongue and lips

Picture 2: My body during my weight loss phase in illness

Picture 3: My body during my weight gain phase in illness).


The day I crawled on my hands and knees to class because of severe pain was the day I knew my illness was serious and that carrying on might not be an option for me anymore. I began frequently running out of class to vomit and check my pulse, I woke everyday with the hangover from hell and going out partying or socialising wasn't an option for me anymore as I did not drink and was intolerant to a large array of foods. I knew if I didn't find answers soon I would have to drop out of university. 

Desperate to find answers and to get better,  I went searching for answers on the internet, joining facebook groups for the chronically ill, and googling nutrition advice. I was so sick I did not care about what I ate, and letting go of my daily chicken nuggets and hot chocolates was easy. I began with removing gluten, dairy, soya, sugar, processed foods and swapped to organic. The hard part of this was the judgement I faced by those who did not understand my new diet and would laugh at me saying I ate 'like a rabbit'. Worse, there where those who would try and persuade me "just one bite wont hurt" or "just 1 drink wont hurt"..these people have never been chronically ill for sure. I tried many different diets desperately trying to find relief. These diets included FODMAP, SCD (only 5 allowed foods, all blended for 2 months), paleo, juicing/juice fasts, food rotation, water fasts, eating for my blood type, low carb+sugar, high carb+sugar, keto, vega, carnivore etc. I was desperate!

(Picture 1: The 5 blended foods I was solely eating for 2/3 months as I was not able to tolerate anything else
Picture 2: The extensive list of food intolerances I had!).

During research I discovered my symptoms matched those of Lyme Disease (Borelliosis) and co-infections (some of which are far worse than Borreliosis itself). I got in contact with a nutrition clinic in London who specialise in Lyme Disease and booked myself an appointment. However, my first appointment at the clinic ended in tears due to accusation of invented truths. The Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) didn't think it was possible for someone of my age to have all of the symptoms I did. They dismissed me and I was left feeling even more lost than before. Being accused of lying by multiple doctors and a LLMD, I began to believe this was all in my head and started accepting my new normal. But i never gave up hope and continued to research ways to heal. 

I tried homeopathy, accupuncture and lymphatic drainage, which all helped, yet gave no answer or major relief. I was reffered to a dietician (who clearly had no experience with chronic illness- ugh!) and found myself wasting money on pointless supplements (they did not work for my body- not very naturopathic at all) and treatments that had no relevance to my case. I was now broke, depressed, exhausted and on my last leg. By a stroke of luck, I came across a naturopathic doctor (ND) who near enough changed my life. I discovered my toxic mould poisoning, Lyme disease and co-infections (told you LLMD!), SIBO, hashimotos etc and finally realised it wasn't all in my head. Although excited to know what was wrong with me, my ND told me I was the worst case she had seen in all her 40 years and that it would take me years to get better. I was exhausted at the thought of this, but knew I had to drop out of university and focus on my health because I wanted good health more than anything.