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Law of Attraction Coaching

Do you long for more money? Good health? A loving relationship or a big house with a fancy car? Have you attempted manifestation methods with no success? Are you tired of hearing about how amazing law of attraction is without actually having any benefits from it yourself? Are you beginning to lose hope that you will ever manifest anything great? Do you find yourself thinking negatively and would like to change the way you think to attract only good things in life? Then this session is for you! Congratulations on taking the first step to a better life and new you.


What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction is a philosophy that positive thoughts bring positive results into an individuals life and negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. Thoughts are energy and positive energy attracts success in all areas of life including wealth, health and relationships. Law of attraction works on the like attracts like principle: that is, similar things are attracted to each other. An example of this is someone who is extremely fearful of losing their wallet. Unconsciously, they are attracting things of similar nature and may find a lot of money go down the drain!

Law of attraction states that removing negative things from ones life makes space for more positive things to take their place. Additionally, law of attraction states that replacing feelings of unhappiness etc with contentment for the present moment increases life quality. Of course, this is all the simplified version and law of attraction doesn't always work this smoothly- thinking something positive for 5 minutes per day just simply wont cut it! Law of attraction is a lifestyle that takes hard work and determination to master in order to have the life of your dreams. 

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What is a Law of Attraction Coach?

A law of attraction coach is someone who helps individuals change old habits and improve manifesting skills. Successful coaches help clients release energy blockages, negative patterns and limiting beliefs and enhance their vibration to attract what they want in life. Coaches help monitor clients thought patterns and subconcious negativity so that they can alter the way they think and attract abundance. Law of attraction coaches use a wide array of techniques to help clients achieve their goals such as scripting, visualisations, gratitude journaling and affirmation writing. Coaches give an outsiders perspective to what may have been going wrong with previous manifestation techniques clients have been using and help guide the client to create better habits.

What works for one individual may not work for another individual, which is why following popular trends and internet advice may not work. Lekita works with clients individually to help them achieve their own set goals through techniques that are unique to them. It's Lekitas job as a coach to get to know the client, their personality and desires in order to provide the best possible advice for success.

Do you want to try law of attraction on your own without a coach? This may be a good start, but law of attraction can be more complicated than it seems, especially if we are prone to negative situations/thoughts. Getting an outsiders perspective and advice is advised so that you can release old patterns and obtain your full manifesting potential!

Is There a Set Number of Sessions I Should Have?

A minimum of 5-6 sessions is recommended. It will take time to change old habits and achieve your desires, therefore, you must be willing to spend time and energy on this process. Please see the packages page for deals.

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Benefits of Law of Attraction Coaching

  • Extreme success, no seriously!

  • A happier, healthier life

  • Improved finances, relationships, emotional wellbeing, jobs etc

  • Clear understanding of individual needs and life purpose

  • Increased confidence

  • Reduced negativity and negative situations

  • Increased motivation and inspiration to transform your life!


Lekitas 4 Principles to Successful Manifestation

  • Cleanse- Clear past trauma, blockages and stuck energies

  • Intention- Let the universe know exactly what you want

  • Vibration- Raise your vibration to match that of desires

  • Receiving- Be open to accept, not just give

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Some Powerful Techniques We Use to Achieve Success

  • The grow coaching model

  • 369 method

  • Yoga for manifestation

  • Goal setting

  • Value recognition and priorities

  • Cognitive reframing and NLP

  • Intention setting

  • Breath work

  • Scripting

  • Visualisations

  • Personalised affirmation creation

  • Gratitude journaling

  • Meditation skills

  • Timeline mapping

  • Naturopathic skills to enhance manifestation

What To Expect During an Initial Consultation?

Initial consultations typically last 1 hour and cost £100. Consultations either take place in person or online via zoom. During the initial consultation, you will discuss what it is you would like to change/attract/manifest or achieve through your time with Lekita. Lekita will then go into depth and question you on certain aspects of your life to get a greater understanding of who you are as a person and the way you think etc. Throughout the session, Lekita will guide you to realisations and use techniques to help you achieve your greatest desires. You will leave sessions feeling accomplished, motivated, positive and ready to manifest your dreams!

Follow-up appointments should be booked in for 2-3 weeks following consultation. Enough time should be left between sessions for clients to input what has been discussed and see results.

What To Expect During a Follow-up Consultation?

Follow-up consultations cost £90 for a 1 hour session. Follow-ups are similar to initial consultations, however, Lekita already knows your background information and greatest desires, therefore, more time is spent working towards goals. During sessions you will have extreme realisations, motivation, clarity and achieve optimal alignment.

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