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Health Coaching

 Are you someone who doesn't exercise often, eat well or perhaps smokes? Do you want to change your lifestyle but lack motivation and don't know where to begin? Do you suffer emotional blockages, PTSD, relationship issues or problems at home? Then this consultation is for you! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better life.            


What Is a Health Coach?

Health coaches use a range of special tools and techniques with clients to set realistic and achievable goals. A good health coach understands how the body works and has a good knowledge of nutrition and health. Good health coaches educate, empower and support clients to make positive changes and significantly take control of their own wellbeing. Health coaches do not give away all the answers, as this is not motivating and does not encourage significant breakthroughs. Therefore, successful health coaches ask clients thought provoking questions to trigger significant realisation. Through this method, clients feel accomplished and leave sessions motivated to get started on their health journey.

Although many people identify health coaching with only food and lifestyle help, health coaches also support aspects of day-to-day life such as fitness, career, relationships, home environment and general wellbeing, as these all contribute to someones overall health. Health coaches may assist with a range of conditions such as stress, digestive discomfort, weight gain, diabetes, detoxification etc. 


Who Are These Sessions Appropriate For?

Health coaching sessions are appropriate for individuals who would like to change their lifestyle but do not know where to begin. Ideal clients lack motivation and want to work on their commitment and focus to health before undergoing an extensive protocol. Clients may be suffering toxic relationships, home stress or PTSD that they would like to deal with in order to progress with their wellbeing.

How Does Lekita Work?

Lekita uses a range of techniques such as NLP, provoking question asking, goal setting, DNRS and speech therapy to help clients overcome blockages and improve wellbeing. Due to Lekitas extensive knowledge of naturopathic medicine, nutritional suggestions may be implemented to plans where deemed appropriate and safe. Lekita works with clients to set realistic, manageable goals and encourage habit change.

What is The Difference Between Health Coaching and a Nutritional Consultation?

Nutritional therapists are advisors and educators, whereas health coaches guide clients to become their own healers by encouraging motivation and habit improvement. Additionally, health coaches explore mental wellbeing and use techniques to release emotional blockages, whereas nutritional therapists focus their sessions on gathering information and providing dietary plans. 

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What To Expect During an Initial Consultation?

Initial consultations cost £130 for a 1.5 hour session. Lekita will discuss your medical history, diet, lifestyle, stress levels and anything else deemed appropriate. Clients may choose to spend the majority of the session discussing specific complaints; this is great as it allows Lekita to understand an individuals case thoroughly. By the end of the first session, clients leave feeling understood, motivated and ready to achieve set goals.

Follow-up appointments should be booked in for 2 weeks-1 month post consultation. 

What To Expect From a Follow-up Consultation?

Follow-up consultations cost £85 for a 1 hour session. Lekita will discuss previous goals and if they have/have not been achieved as well as any changes to goals, lifestyle factors and emotional wellbeing. By the end of sessions, new, updated goals will be set and clients leave feeling heard and motivated.

Follow-up appointments should be booked in for 2 weeks-1 month post session.

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