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Herbal Medicine- Coming Soon!

Do you suffer with anxiety, high blood pressure, constipation, insomnia, migraines or other health complaints? Have you been prescribed countless medications with no relief? Have you changed your diet and tried alternative routes with no change in symptoms? Do you have an interest in natural healing and medicines? Then this consultation is for you! Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier you!

Herbal Treatment

What Is Herbal Medicine and Who Are Herbalists?

Herbal medicine is an alternative medicine that uses the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds of a plant to improve health, prevent disease and support wellbeing. One of the first signs of herbal medicine use was back in 2800BC and it has been used ever since- the proof is in the pudding! Herbal medicine is safe to use alongside medical interventions (as long as this has been checked with the practitioner) as well as on its own.

Herbal medicine is an alternative, natural way of support, therefore, herbalists focus on the patient at present and the root cause of their illness rather than symptom suppression. The choice of herbs provided by a herbalist is based on detailed information given by the client and routine examinations. After understanding the patients presenting constitution, herbalists gather an array of herbs they feel will be helpful for that client and create an individualised formula. Herbs have an incredible way of knowing what their exact purpose is in an individual body, herbalists just 'give the boat a push'!

Herbal Oils

Benefits of Herbal Medicine

  • Supports fertility

  • Few side effects 

  • Improved immunity

  • Balances hormones

  • Respiratory support

  • Nervous system support

  • Stress support and relief

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Improved prostate health

  • Improved mental wellbeing

  • ​Improved energy and vitality

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Improved gastrointestinal health

  • Improved cognition and memory

  • Diabetes and hypoglycaemia support

  • Lymphatic system and detoxification support

  • Reduced joint pain and musculoskeletal support

  • Viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infection support

How Does Lekita Work?

Although Lekita incorporates herbal medicine into her naturopathic sessions, these sessions focus solely on herbal healing without other resources. Therefore, stronger, more focused herbal tinctures are provided. Lekita will go over your health history, symptoms, medications etc in detail before coming up with a great herbal combination to combat ill health complaints and support wellbeing.

Lekita uses 'traditional' herbal medicine, as opposed to Chinese (TCM) or Ayurvedic herbal medicine, however, TCM and Ayurvedic principles are used. Lekita may also use Bach flower remedies if deemed necessary and appropriate. Lekita prescribes herbal medicines from known brands, however, Lekita is currently working on creating her own tinctures and medicines to allow individuality and bring you the most effective healing!

What To Expect During an Initial Consultation?

Initial consultations typically last 2.5 hours to ensure optimal information has been gathered and the case fully understood. Lekita will discuss medical history, symptoms, lifestyle factors, diet, medication and supplement use etc. Additionally, Lekita uses diagnostic techniques such as kinesiology, eye, tongue, pulse and nail examination to determine patient constitution and underlying cause of disease. Once the consultation is complete, herbal formulas will be prescribed to the client. 

Initial consultations will cost £250 for the 2.5 hour session plus personalised herbal medicine prescription plans. Follow-up appointments should be booked in 3-4 weeks after the consultation to allow enough time for plans to be implemented and healing to take place. Please note, consultations can be taken online or in person.

What To Expect During a Follow-up Consultation?

Follow-up consultations typically last 1 hour. During this time, Lekita will review what is/is not working with your prescribed herbal plans and any changes in symptoms, medication use, diet, stress etc. If necessary, Lekita will perform another physical examination to determine new causes of disease and health priorities. Once the consultation is complete, an updated herbal prescription and plan will be sent to you.

Follow-up consultations will cost £100 for an hours session plus updated herbal plan. Follow-up appointments should be booked in for 3-4 weeks following sessions.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This varies from person to person. Some individuals only need 2 sessions to see benefits and achieve goals, whereas, other individuals may chose to attend sessions for years and receive long term support.

What's The Difference Between a Herbal Medicine, Nutritional and Naturopathic Consultation?

Herbal Medicine consultations are for those who solely want to focus on herbal support and minimal dietary and lifestyle suggestions. Nutritional Therapy is for clients who solely want to focus on food as medicine and are not open to any other modalities of healing other than nutrition, limited supplementation and moderate lifestyle changes. This excludes the use of herbal medicines, tissue salts, iridology, functional testing, kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic techniques, Bach flower remedies, homeopathic remedies, essential oil therapy, coaching, emotional release work, law of attraction techniques, german new medicine techniques, DNRS techniques (etc)- all of which are used in Naturopathic consultations.

Additional Options

Shoulder Physical Therapy with TENS Electrode Pads, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimul

Herbal Medicine + Frequency Healing - Coming Soon!

Everything in the universe has a specific vibrating frequency, including all of our cells and tissues. Our cells exchange information and regulate body functions through the sending and receiving of specific frequencies. All biochemical reactions happen via this cell signalling. When those frequency signals become chaotic due to toxins, pathogens, heavy metals, EMF etc, our body's ability to self regulate and maintain homeostasis is lowered. Frequency healing activates the body's natural healing power by using electromagnetic waves specific to your bodily needs and shattering pathogens contributing to disease. Please see the 'Rife Machine Frequency Healing' page for more information.

Herbal Medicine + Frequency Healing is perfect for those who want to see quicker results and achieve optimal health. These sessions are also perfect for those who have tried other holistic methods with little improvement and have a curiosity about frequency healing and non-invasive healing modalities. Sessions run similarly to regular herbal medicine consultations, however, tens pads will be placed on the client at the start of the session and run for 15 minutes-1 hour. Initial consultations will cost £300 for the 2.5 hour session plus herbal medicine prescription plans. Follow-up sessions will cost £150 for an hours session plus updated herbal plan tailored to the clients needs. Please note, these sessions will be in person only.


Herbal Medicine + Biomagnetism- Coming Soon!

Biomagnetism is a non-invasive technique consisting of kinesiological scanning and the positioning of magnets in points of the body to maintain or restore the internal balance. The magnets are placed in pairs (negative and positive) in different, specific areas of the body that are within Biomagnetic Resonance. This re-establishes a balanced bioelectric state of the body. Magnets have an influence on the body's electrical system, and in turn, this has an influence on the biochemistry (pH) of the organism for homeostatic purposes. Taking into account that electricity and magnetism are inseparable parts of the same fundamental force of nature, the magnets favour the stability of the bioelectrical system of the body, thus promoting an internal systemic balance and allowing our body to restore health on its own. Please see the 'Biomagnetism' page for more information.

Herbal Medicine + Biomagnetism is perfect for those who have an interest in non-invasive healing techniques alongside holistic medicine. If you are keen to encourage your body to heal itself and restore balance at a faster pace, this session is perfect for you! Initial consultations will cost £350 for a 3 hour session plus personalised herbal medicine prescription. Follow-up sessions will cost £230 for a 1.5 hour session plus updated herbal plan. Sessions run similarly to regular herbal medicine consultations, however, biomagnetism protocols will be used throughout the sessions. Please note, these sessions will be in person only.

Cat Being Cozy

Herbal Medicine for Pets- Coming Soon!

Just like us, our furry friends suffer with ill health and debilitating conditions such as anxiety, colic and cancer. Therefore, herbal medicine works for pets just as it does humans! If you have ever witnessed your dog sniffing out a bit of grass and eating it to make itself throw up you have already witnessed the healing power of herbs! Dogs sniff out the herbal medicine they know they need to make themselves throw up and feel better!

Sessions will be similar to that of humans, and can be taken in person or online depending on the animal. Initial consultations will last approximately 1 hour 15 and cost £130. Follow-up consultations will last 30 mins-1 hour and cost £60. After the consultation is complete, Lekita will prescribe herbal medicine suitable for your pet and give clear instructions on how to give them safely. Additionally, Lekita will send the client a plan including dietary and lifestyle advice for the pet.

If you prefer to focus on energetic healing, please visit the 'Healing for Pets' page.

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