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Reiki Healing

Follow-up Session. In Person Only.

  • 1 h
  • 60 British pounds
  • Marlow|Cockfosters, London

Service Description

What is Reiki? Used for hundreds of years, reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is founded on the understanding of the bodies energy system (QI/Vital Force). Reiki channels universal life force energy into our body system to remove energetic blockages within and around us to improve ill health conditions. By transferring and manipulating the flow of one's energy to the body of another, this energy can also resolve emotional distress, increase relaxation, boost immunity, enhance vitality and reduce pain either directly, or by putting the subject receiving the energy into a state of deep relaxation, that their body is able to heal itself. Whatever the body needs, Reiki will address individually. What Makes Reiki Sessions Differ from Bioenergetics? Reiki uses healing life force energy to remove energetic blockages and improve wellbeing, whereas Bioenergetics consultations use biomagnetism and kinesiological techniques to scan the body, detect specific blockages and balance the bodies pH so that pathogens cannot survive, organs detoxify and optimal health is achieved. Reiki may be more applicable to those with blocked chakras, trauma, emotional disturbances and excessive stress. However, Bioenergetics may be more applicable to those with chronic health conditions and high pathogenic/toxic loads. Is There a Set Number of Sessions I Should Have? No, it is completely individual and personalised. In saying that, regular reiki sessions are great for self-care, ill health prevention and holistic balance maintenance. What To Expect During a Follow-up Consultation? Follow-up consultations typically last 1 hour and cost £60. Sessions are relatively similar to initial consultations, however, talking is minimal and healing time is increased. Lekita will briefly discuss symptom changes, medical history updates, relationship status, stress levels etc before beginning another relaxing, healing session. Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water post session. Follow-up appointments should be booked in for 2 weeks-1 month post session. For more information, please visit the 'Reiki' page.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations and rescheduling appointments, please do inform us 48 hours before appointment start time. Failure to do so prevents deposit refund/reuse and a new deposit must be payed to book a new appointment. If a cancellation or request for rescheduling occurs more than 48 hours prior to the appointment, the deposit will be applicable to the next booked appointment. If cancellation or rescheduling occurs within 48 hours, deposits will be non-refundable and non-applicable to other future bookings.

Contact Details

  • Marlow, UK

  • Chalk Lane, Cockfosters, Barnet EN4 9JQ, UK

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