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The body continually attempts to eliminate chemical toxins through enzymatic processes in the liver. Urinary D-glucaric acid, a byproduct of Phase I detoxification, is an indicator of chemical exposure to over 200 chemicals. Urinary mercapturic acids are excreted end products of Phase II detoxification. Together, assessment of these two analytes provides valuable information about exposure to xenobiotics, liver disease and the ability of the liver to eliminate toxins.


This non-invasive test requires a single, first morning void urine collection.
Results are expressed per unit creatinine to normalize for dilution effects, and reference ranges are age and gender specific. The test does not replace comprehensive liver tests for cases of advanced liver disease and should be used to assess liver detoxification ability.


When To Use This Test:

  • If you suffer with multiple chemical sensitivity or chronic illness
  • If you have been exposed to many xenobiotics, pesticides, fungicides, petrochemicals, drugs, toluene, formaldehyde, styrenes and more.

Useful For:

  • Detoxification Therapy
  • Liver Detoxification Function



  • D-glucaric acid
  • Mercapturic acid

Hepatic Detox Profile Test

  • All ordered tests will be mediated by our Naturopath, Lekita Davies. Once test results have been returned to us, Lekita will call the client to deliver the results and discuss anything appropriate for the case. After the phone call, results will be emailed to the client alongside any suggestions. Please note that we cannot deliver results without a phone call.

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